Thursday, 27 March 2014

LouReed rises again..

More over one and half year ago one of our 'LouReed' sound systems was stolen from a parked van.
Surprise, surprise  a attentive civilian found this in the woods recently:

Shock and horror, our meticulously crafted cabinets tossed away!
Probably not useful for the people who stole them as they need to be operated with a separate (FIR-filtered) X-over to get anything like alone a decent sound.

Today I have been refurbishing them and to my really big astonishment: the 12" speakers are still full-spec functional. Hooray for mr Simon Leung (A&Daudio) for the excellent manufacturing quality!
The 1' drivers were less fortunate, not that they would be of lesser build quality but of course these are a lot more vulnerable.

So here comes LouReed Phoenix..
While we are at it we will also update the FIR filtering for these cabinets.
For those interested in FIR: Thomas Drugeon (AKA pos) made this excellent utility:

And, oh, yes, I also made a quad amplifier using Hypex UCD400 blocks and a switchmode PSU.
If now we could find some decent DSP modules (with FIR!!) we then finally could make our powered cabinets.. (nah, sorry no minidsp, nice but not stable enough for our "pro-audio-abuse").
Might have an other idea though..will get back to ye.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Two cabinets finished!
You will just have to believe me: they sound 'awesome'.
Now listening to  a 24/96 live + orchestra registration of Hooverphonic, excellent,  thanks to our Russian friends from rutracker..!

Measurement on +/- 1mtr.
The bumpiness is due to (small) size of my shed, clearly min. phase interaction of reflections.
Mark the straight phase response though, unreal for a passive filtered cabinet!
haha, FIR filters suck my fat one!

Next will be molding the multiband limiter. (Soundweb9088)