Friday, 1 June 2018

Working Distortion

Those friends that know me from real life, will have heard me sighing in despair:

Audio reproduction is all and only about hustling distortions around.

Aside from all (FFT-) techniques that should be common knowledge by now, we still have a long way to go in having our parameters to describe 'good sound'.
First statement to make:
Audio passing from one end to another can never be 'better'.
Be it a microphone, loudspeaker or any electronics.
So if it only can deteriorate: then audio engineering boils down to manipulating in which way it get's worse.
Isn't that sad  😥

If we manage everything correctly in the frequency domain, as described here in this blog, then what's left?


Sure we all know this should be minimal, shouldn't it?
And we all express it as THD, oh wait let's add in N(oise)  too!
Not a very elaborate way to express what we are trying to study is it?

And why are all these Waves plugs so highly loved and wanted?
Tasty spices also known as harmonic distortion.

Check my current home-brew study object: