Wednesday, 1 April 1987

bitperfect audioplayer part 2

Well this seems to work!
This will be the sub page for followup of the bitperfect audio player blurb

Used the starting date of KBL, before internet even existed, hihi

Now where were we, oh yes, we will be installing the Samba service next.
Samba is a cross platform file exchange protocol. So if installed you can drag and drop music files from different computers in your network to the network 'share' of your musicserver.
First we will create a directory on your musicserver that will be containing your music. Next we will configure samba to use this directory as a 'share'
In a ssh-terminal connection with your music server type:

sudo mkdir muzik

Or any other name you think is appropriate. I use to make slightly changed names (as z for s) to quickly located my files or folders in a different environment. 
Next we will install samba:

sudo apt-get install samba

Probably your password will be asked again and the OS will start to download and install all needed samba utilities.
Now you will have to configure this Samba service.
That might be tricky, especially because linux users are all completely paranoid  as it comes to security. File/folder ownership and read/write privileges can become hellishly complicated. Well learn and live..
First stop the samba service by:

sudo service  smbd stop

Now you can start configuring the smb.conf file by:

sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

Nano is a very simple text editor and will open up the configuration file for samba.
This configuration will look quite frightening but don't be shy and just add something like this at the end of this file:
  path = /home/<username>/muzik
  writable = yes
  browsable = yes
  guest ok = yes

exit nano by cntrX, confirm save and restart samba by:

sudo service  smbd restart
Now you should have a network shared folder where you can upload all your musik.
This same kind of instructions you can find here to install transmission and other utilities you might need.

Next we are going to figure out how to configure MPD and alsa for bitperfect audio..